Op 16-001   flat fee agreement paid in advance permitted in criminal defense representation
Op 16-002  attorney reporting unprivileged knowledge of another attorney’s misconduct
Op 16-003  lawyer participation in online legal referral services
Op 16-004   employment of Gov.Bar R. II legal interns as law clerks
Op 16-005 counsel representing interest adverse to corporation communicating without consent of corporation’s lawyer when corporate counsel asserts blanket representation of corporation and its current and former employees
Op 16-006  ethical implications for lawyers under Ohio’s medical marijuana law (But see Prof.Cond.R. 1.2(d)(2))
Op 16-007  after a check has been deposited, a lawyer may hold monies in a trust fund for a reasonable time prior to disbursement to a client or other person to ensure the check has cleared
Op 16-008  client testimonials in advertisements, online, and in social media; settlement and verdict amounts
Op 16-009 out-of-state lawyer practicing exclusively before federal courts and agencies
Op 16-010 duty to preserve confidential information of prospective clients; compelled testimony of lawyer
Op 16-011 division of fees by lawyers not in same firm; written fee agreement; notice of lack of malpractice insurance
Op 16-012 representation of criminal defendant when married to officer employed by the arresting or investigating agency